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Robust Tool Rests

"A Robust tool rest is the single most significant improvement you can make to any lathe!" 

Don Geiger 

We offer all Robust tool rests!

Robust tool rests are provided with a lifetime warranty!

The Comfort Rest provides a generous surface perfectly designed to rest your forward hand.

All Robust tool rests have a hardened rod welded along the top that provides a smooth edge that can not be nicked or damaged.

Comfort rests are available in:

4", 6", 9", 12" and 15" widths.

The Low Profile rest is narrower (top to bottom) which allows the turner to reach around the rest to support thin spindles and finials with their finger tips.

Low Profile tool rests are available in:

4", 6" 9" and 12" widths.

The Comfort Rest is on the left and the Low Profile Rest is on the right. Notice the difference in their heights.

Also notice how the hardened edge is offset from the tool post which minimizes tool fulcrum.

The small diameter of the rod along the top edge minimizes the fulcrum when your tool handle is lowered for outside shaping and outside finishing cuts.

The Interior Curved tool rest provides superior tool support inside an open form and significantly minimizes tool fulcrum which results in better control and less vibration.

The inside curved tool rest is available in:

12" width

The Exterior Curved tool rest provides support outside a form and significantly minimizes tool fulcrum which results in better control and less vibration.

The J Rest is a popular choice for hat and bowl turners.

J Rests are available in:

9" and 14"

There is also a 9" J rest for Mini Lathes.

T rests are the perfect solution when turning small objects such as: finials, tops, lids and bottle stoppers. The hardened round rod is welded to the rear edge of the tool post so you can get really close to your work.

T Rests are available in 2" and 3" widths on 1" or 5/8" diameter posts.

Click here to view a tool rest selection chart.

tandard Robust tool rests come with 1" diameter posts available in three lengths; short, standard and long.

Mini lathe rests have 5/8" diameter posts.

Tool rests with custom post diameters can be ordered for an extra $9 charge.

30 mm diameter posts are available for an extra $15 charge. 

The greatest single improvement one can make to any lathe is adding a Robust tool rest!