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Updated November 30, 2021

Please refresh your view each time you visit!

We have a Robust American Beauty in stock

It is ready to be outfitted with options and accessories of your choice. Why wait 12 weeks?

Call 352-354-3314 to order a lathe at the factory price! 

Click on the following links (in white) to go directly to ordering that line of products:

Robust tool rests and gouges are IN-STOCK!

Evolution sharpening systems are IN-STOCK!

Tru N Dress Wheel Dressers are IN-STOCK! (Shop below on this Home Page- Below the photos of the gouges)

Re-Centering Solutions are IN-STOCK!

Laser Depth Finder is available in limited quantities.

​Experience supreme accuracy and repeatability when sharpening bowl and spindle gouges with the Evolution sharpening system. The system is simple to install, easy to use and inexpensive. 

Shape and sharpen the following:

  • Ellsworth/Irish Grind on bowl gouges
  • Micro-Bevel grind for producing smooth inside surfaces on bowls
  • 40/40 Bowl Gouge (my version) grind for clean push cuts
  • Spindle Gouges

Change from one grind to the next in seconds.

Great for use with CBN and aggregate (stone) wheels.

Ellsworth/ Irish grind (bottom) and Micro-bevel grind (top)

40/40 Grind

Tru N Dress Grand Slam

Re-positionable edge guide enables use on tool rests from 1" to 3", in 4 increments.

Produces perfectly flat or *Crowned surfaces on grinding wheels.

* Crowning requires a crowning tool rest, available exclusively from us. 

Tru N Dress Grand Slam

1/2 ct diamond on 1/2" shaft Micro-adjustable. Tool rest sizes: 1 to 3". For use on 6" or 8" grinders with A through M wheel hardness. Free shipping in US!

Price: $99.00

Tru N Dress Grand Slam

Tru N Dress Grand Slam and two Precision Machined Wheel Bushings COMBO

Grand Slam and Two Precision Machined Wheel Bushings COMBO. Save $5!

Select from three sizes of Bushing. Free shipping to the USA.

Price: $119.00

Tru N Dress Grand Slam and two Precision Machined Wheel Bushings COMBO

Grand Slam Deluxe COMBO

This COMBO has it all and it saves you $10!

Includes two (2) bushings. Choose from three sizes.

Free shipping in the USA!

Price: $144.00

Grand Slam Deluxe COMBO

Crowning rest for Wolverine

Fits Wolverine systems

Free shipping in the US

Price: $30.00

Crowning rest for Wolverine

Crowning rest for Veritas

Attaches to Lee Valley's Veritas tool rest.

Free shipping in the US.

Price: $30.00

Crowning rest for Veritas

Tru N Dress Grand Slam and Crowning rest for Veritas COMBO

Save $5

Free shipping in the US!

Price: $124.00

Tru N Dress Grand Slam and Crowning rest for Wolverine COMBO

Tru N Dress Grand Slam and Crowning rest for Veritas COMBO

Save $5

Free shipping in the US!

Price: $124.00

Tru N Dress Grand Slam and Crowning rest for Veritas COMBO

Replacement Diamond

1/2 ct on a 1/2" diameter threaded shaft and includes a knob! Fits either Tru N Dress models.

DOES NOT fit a 7575 (BTW: The 7575 is not our product!).

Free shipping in the US!

Price: $45.00

Replacement Diamond

Precision-Machined Wheel Bushings

Includes two (2) bushings.

Replaces the plastic ones that are commonly supplied with new wheels. Positions the mass of the wheel concentrically and perpendicularly on the axle.

Three sizes to choose from.

Free shipping to USA locations!

Price: $25.00

Precision-Machined Wheel Bushings

Geiger's Tru N Dress "E"

Perfect for use on the Wolverine tool rest!

Order here:

Tru N Dress "E"

1/2 ct diamond on a 1/2 dia. threaded shaft. Works well on 6" or 8" grinding wheels A through M hardness. Micro-Adjustable.

Works perfectly on a Wolverine tool rest. Free shipping in the US!

Price: $79.00

Tru N Dress "E"

Tru N Dress "E" and Two Precision Wheel Bushings Combo

This COMBO saves you $5!

The precision machined wheel bushings (includes two bushings) replace the plastic ones typically supplied with new wheels. These positions the mass of the wheel concentrically and perpendicularly on the axle.

Bushing available in three sizes. Choose size below.

Price: $99.00

Tru N Dress "E" and Two Precision Wheel Bushings Combo

Precision-Machined Wheel Bushings (2)

Includes two bushings.

Replaces plastic bushings typically supplied with new wheels. Positions the mas of the wheels concentrically and perpendicularly on the axle. Centering the mass of grinding wheel is the first step to eliminating vibration. The bushings do a superb job at doing this!

Price: $25.00

Precision-Machined Wheel Bushings (2)

1/2 ct Replacement diamond and control knob

Fits Tru N Dress models only. 1/2" diameter threaded shaft. Does not fit a 7575 (which not our product)

Price: $50.00

1/2 ct Replacement diamond and control knob

Re-Centering Solutions are available in two sizes:

1-1/4" x 8 and 1" x 8. Order here:

Re-Centering Solution

Re-centers your blanks for jamb or vacuum chucking

perfectly the first time and every time!

I use mine every time I turn!

1-1/4 x 8 or 1 x 8 thread with a 3/8" hardened drill bushing, 3/8" stop collar w/hex wrench and two 3/8" dia. centering pins for One Way or Jet live centers. Instructions included.


Includes free shipping in the US.

Price: $68.00

Re-Centering Solution

If you are interested in accurate and repeatable results when sharpening bowl gouges, check out our very-popularEvolution sharpening system.

The gouge on the right is sharpened with a 60-degree bevel in the Irish/Ellsworth style grind. A very universal grind for the outside of Hollow forms and bowls and the inside of bowls.

The gouge above left is sharpened with the same style grind, but has a 70-degree micro-bevel and a 50-degree relief grind. A perfect tool for making very smooth inside finishing cuts on bowls.

The Evolution also supports sharpening a 40-degree bowl gouge (left).

and a spindle grind (not pictured).

Check out our Evolution system here.

Order one here.

Evolution system for Var-Grind users, with two stop collars.

The latest A/B Vari-Grind pre-set gauge expands the capabilities to include sharpening a 40 degree bowl gouge.

We will soon have:

* Tru N Dress wheel dresser systems

* Replacement diamond shafts

* Re-Centering Solutions (1-1/4" x 8 & 1" x 8)



Turner's Edge bowl gouge from Robust. Premium HSS subjected to a proprietary metallurgical process for a much longer-lasting edge and superior chip ejection. 

When only the best is acceptable: Use Robust Turner's Edge gouges 

Users also like the flat surface behind the flute which allows the gouge fit into a jig and sharpened all the way back to the end of the flute.

Unlike many other gouges, the flat surface behind the flute allows the gouge be fitted into a jig further back. A better value for the money!

All gouges are IN-STOCK!

Pricing: no handle/with 16" Maple handle

5/8" Parabolic Bowl Gouge: $90/$145

1/2" Parabolic Bowl Gouge: $75/$125

3/8" Parabolic Bowl Gouge: $65/$109

1/2" Spindle Detail Gouge: $75/$125

3/8" Spindle Detail Gouge: $65/$109

Shop for Gouges by clicking here!

Sharpening the Robust Turner's Edge bowl gouge is a breeze with our Evolution Sharpening System! The Evolution make it easy to set up your Wolverine system for sharpening the Turner's Edge and other bowl gouges. Within minutes, you will be on your way to better sharpening!

For people that already own our Laser Depth Finder, this video covers the assembly and fine adjustments (Currently unavailable).

Geiger’s Laser Depth Finder Assembly

Identify parts, assembly and fine tuning

---Evolution sharpening systems are IN-STOCK!

"I received your sharpening system and it works great! I bought an Ellsworth signature bowl gouge years ago and never could get it sharpened correctly. Now it cuts really nice."

"Thanks for making such a great product."


Richardson, TX


Thank you Harold! I appreciate the positive feedback.

Click here to order your Evolution system!

Phone: 352-354-3314

Product Showcase:

Click to Interested in a Robust Lathe?

We have been an authorized Robust dealer since 2011. Benefit from our experience!

Regardless of where you live, we can fulfill all your Robust needs.

Same price as the factory- with personalized service!

Check out the Tru N Dress "E"!

The Tru N Dress "E" is specifically designed to be used on a Wolverine tool rest!

Uses the same diamond as the Grand Slam

Customer feedback:

"Received it (Tru N Dress "E") and used it. Amazing product. Thank you! Glad I watched your YouTube channel!"

Chuck from Shiloh, IL


Evolution Gouge Sharpening System-

Significantly improves the accuracy and precision of Wolverine systems! 

The Evolution system, left, includes a 2-position preset gauge for setting the position of the variable arm on a Var-Grind jig.

Only $80


The Evolution system, right, is for use with an Ellsworth jig, thus does not include a pre set gauge for a Vari-Grind.

Only $65


Watch this video on the Evolution:

Important Note: This video is a bit out of date and will be replaced soon. We now provide a nicely machined and engraved Aluminum Gauge Block, instead of the wooden one shown. And the Wooden Vari-Grind Pre-Set Gauge now has two-positions instead of just one, as shown.

"Evolution" Gouge Sharpening System

This video shows the NEW Evolution Gouge sharpening system-How to install it and use it to sharpen: Ellsworth/Irish gouges, Micro-Bevel gouges with a Relief Grind Spindle gouges

"...THANK YOU for all your help. I used the (Evolution) sharpening set up system -- WOW what a GREAT and simple process that yields a perfectly sharpened tool. Thank you for the great customer service!!"

Joel S.

Charlottesville, VA

The Evolution provides four repeatable grinds.

Here are some of examples:

A Micro-Bevel grind (~70°) plus a relief grind (~50°) (top left). Great for making smooth inside finishing cuts on bowls!

An Ellsworth/Irish style 60°grind (bottom right)

and a 40°Bowl Gouge Grind (left)

and you can get a nice Spindle Grind (not shown).

"Using properly shaped and sharpened tools are paramount to successfully turning wood."

Don Geiger


"Turning on an American Beauty is an

experience to behold!"

Starting at: $7595 (credit card price).

Pay by check and SAVE 3%!

Call 352-354-3314 to order!!!

NOTE: Ground freight shipping will be added at cost.

"Sell that motorcycle, boat or camper that you seldom (if ever) use and treat yourself to the best lathe on the market. The American Beauty is inexpensive, by comparison!" Don


Check out our Wheel Truing and Dressing Tool!

The results are amazing!

(click on the photos to learn more)



Your grinder never ran so smoothly!


Thank you for visiting!

I've learned to appreciate quality tools and machinery. I greatly appreciate the value of products I use every time I turn that make the process more enjoyable, simpler and contribute to better results.

One of the greatest benefits I offer is personalized and knowledgeable customer service. As the president and owner of the company, I take great pride in supporting the products we offer. Having designed many of the products myself, I have intimate knowledge of how each is used which enables me to answer most questions without delay. I promise you won't be talking to someone in a call center halfway around the world.

To maintain the highest degree of quality, each product we offer is Made in the USA.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Don Geiger


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I believe that makers contribute significantly to society. When a society stops making things, it will slowly degrade into ruin.

Don Geiger