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The Evolution!!!   MADE IN THE USA!

After 20-years of designing and supplying sharpening systems to woodturners, I believe the Evolution provides the ultimate experience when sharpening gouges.

It is quick and easy set-up, and delivers accurate and repeatable results and provided for an economical price. 

A) For use with and Ellsworth jig: Just $65! Click here to order.

B) For use with a Vari-Grind jig: Just $80!‚Äč Click here to order.

Includes FREE US shipping!

(contact us for shipping cost to International locations)

First things 1st:

Frequently asked question:

Can I still purchase a: 

  • Vertical Solution
  • Pro Sharp 4X
  • Pro Sharp Spectrum

Answer: NO. The Evolution supersedes all previous models. The Evolution produces the same results for about 1/2 the cost of the previous models.

Ellsworth Jig Version          Vari-Grind Jig Version                

The "Deluxe" versions come with 2-Stop Collars:

The Vari-Grind jig version includes a 2-position Vari-Grind Pre-Set Gauge:

         A-Position                             B-Position:

The "A" position is for the initial set-up and the Ellsworth/Irish grind, the Micro-Bevel Grind and Spindle grind.

The "B" position is only used only for the 40 degree bowl gouge grind.

Click here to view the Quick-Start instruction for the Evolution.

Click here to view the Easy A/B, 1, 2, 3 grind look up table.

Here are photos of the machined aluminum gauge block:

Watch this video on the NEW Evolution system!

It is hard to argue with the results!

If you are looking to resolve your issues with sharpening side-ground bowl gouges and spindle gouges, the Evolution is the system you should take a hard look at. 

I have been designing and building sharpening systems since 2001 and this is the best one yet! 

"...THANK YOU for all your help. I used the (Evolution) sharpening set up system -- WOW what a GREAT and simple process that yields a perfectly sharpened tool. Thank you for the great customer service!!"

Joel S.Charlottesville, VA

The Evolution is the fruition 18+ years of innovation in design.

That is WHY I named it "The Evolution"!

Watch this video and I think you will agree with me: